Taylor Swift leaving her apartment in NYC, April 16th

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"We just finished playing two stadiums here, so it’s incredible." (x)

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"I try to have a normal life and look at things in a normal way, under very abnormal circumstances. That’s always going to be my main goal, that’s always what I’m going to strive for, to be a normal human being. It’s interesting because you’re put in really abnormal situations. You have an abnormal-size microscope covering your life and everything you do. You look at the idea of being 22, that’s when you’re supposed to be out there living and being selfish and making mistakes and messing up. If I mess up once, it’s a headline everywhere.” 

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true love is when you buy the hard copy of an album even though you’ve already illegally downloaded it

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13 Day Taylor Swift Song Challenge

Day 3/13: Favorite song from ‘Speak Now’ album - Long Live ♥


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